Junior Apprentice - Eden's Pick

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As part of our Junior Apprenticeship (you can read more about that here) each of the children has had a Marketing session. One of their tasks was to choose their favourite product in Papilio home and tell you all about it.
Today is Eden's turn.
What is the product?
It's a reversible sequin card

Which brand is it?
Redback cards

Why did you choose it?
I chose this card because it's different and you don't normally see it in shops

How can it be used?
After you use it as a card the patch on the front can peel off. You can put it on your clothes, bags and stationery. The sloth has reversible sequins on it. When you peel the sloth off it still has a picture of a sloth so you're not left with an empty card.

Who would like this product?
Children would like it but it's a wide appeal so adults would also like the sloth on the front

How much does it cost?
£4, an excellent price for something that can be used forever

Is it part of a range?
Yes, this card is part of the Shine range. Lot of cards to suit all ages.

Photo of Eden standing next to a spinner of Redback's Shine range of cards
Close-Up photo of the Redback Sloth Shine card. it shows half the sloth with the sequins in one colour and the other half turned the other way in gold.

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