Junior Apprenticeship - Tabitha's Pick

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As part of our Junior Apprenticeship (you can read more about that here) each of the children has had a Marketing session. One of their tasks was to choose their favourite product in Papilio home and tell you all about it.
Today is Tabitha's turn (and no, not me - we had another Tabitha :) ).

What is the product?
He is a Large Harry Panda Cub
Which brand is it?
Harry is made by JellycatWhy did you choose it?
I chose Harry because he is the softest panda I know

Who would like this product?
The Universe
How much does it cost?
Is it part of a range?
Jellycat is a UK, very popular soft toy brand. There are hundreds to choose from.
Photo of Tabitha holding the Jellycat Harry panda
Photo of Jellycat Harry panda cuddly toy in amongst fake eucalyptus.

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