New Jellycat Cuddly Toys

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New Jellycat Cuddly Toys

Jellycat soft toys are always a huge hit in PAPILIO home with kids and adults. This new seasons products however has to be one of the strongest I've seen from Jellycat. Choosing which of the new products to stock (unfortunately we don't have the space or money for them all!) was a truly difficult task as they are all so good. There were however a few that stood out above the rest causing no doubt that they needed to come to the shop (and our homes too). The two which were like nothing I've touched before were Harry Panda and Smudge Elephant, the fabric that has been used on these cuddly toys is ridiculously soft. As one person put it "it's like touching a cloud, it's almost not there". I sat through the entire hours appointment doing this order with my reps Harry Panda in my lap stroking him - if you ever need a stress reliever one of these will do the job perfectly!

Other highlights of the new collection include:

Lovely Llama

This Llama is made of shaggy, sherbert-coloured fabric and makes everyone laugh

Dancing Darcey Unicorn

A unicorn in a tutu, how can you go wrong!

Inky Octopus

Odell Octopus has always been popular with her springy tentacles and Inky has now joined the collection. He is a very deep bluey-black. I think I may even prefer him to Odell.

Orpie Chicken

A very fluffy chicken that looks great after a good shake. The perfect gift for anyone that loves chickens.

Florrie Malflish

Along the same lines as Lovely Llama this is a cuddly that just puts a smile on your face. A fluffy fish with fins made of netting.

Drake Dragon 

Drake has a very cute face and the fabric has ruffles that gives amazing an amazing texture to stroke. His wings have structure and at 38cm long he is a decent size.
Photo of the Jellycat harry Panda next to the smudge elephant.

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