Spring Occasion Chocolates

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Spring Occasion Chocolates

After the success of our Belgian Chocolates over Christmas we have made sure to stock up for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day/Mothering Sunday. As well as chocolates on their own we have also combined the chocolates with some other great gifts that we sell to make an even nicer present. We have detailed a selection of these below.

Emma Bridgewater mugs

We have filled the Mama Bear and Polka Hearts Mummy mugs with approx 230g of foil wrapped hearts (Dark chocolate with butterscotch and Champagne Ganache). This makes a lovely gift if you're wanting something a bit longer lasting and has the added bonus of being a british hand-made mug that holds a good amount of caffeine. (£28). We have also done the same thing with the Polka Heart Baby Mug (approx 170g of chocolate). (£20)

Picasso Chocolates 

These were the big hit over Christmas and are chocolate with a difference as they look stunning in addition to having different and complex flavours. We sell them in boxes of 5 or 10 with each box containing 5 flavours. My personal favourite is the Apple Crumble as it manages to get the 'caramely' taste that a good apple crumble should have (the Goji Berry and Yoghurt comes a close second). (£6.95 for a box of 5, £13 for a box of 10).

Black box of Chocolates

These black boxes contain 16 hand-made Belgian Chocolates (2 each of 8 flavours) beautifully wrapped with a ribbon and floral embellishment. These boxes are great quality and much more structured that the gold boxes we use for 'pick-your-own' chocolates. The benefit of our pre-packed boxes is that we have included a menu card so that the recipient is able to identify what they are eating (something we are unable to do for our loose chocolates. (£14.50)

Puppy with Heart

This cute, little messenger puppy is holding a red heart so we decided to give him a 'backpack'. Attached by ribbon we have a Marc de Champagne Chocolate on his back to add that final, edible touch! The puppy is made by Jellycat so you know the quality will be excellent. (£14.75)

Platform Shoe

We gave a different version of this shoe to our staff for Christmas and received a lot of 'wows' and love. This is definitely chocolate with a difference and the shoes is also filled with truffles. This is definitely the perfect gift for any fashion lover. (£17.95)

Chocolate Bear

This hollow chocolate bear has hearts on his paws and is very cute. The difficulty will therefore be in eating him! (£3.20)

Spring Collection

If you are wanting a smaller gift then our spring collection could be for you. 7 chocolates (2 x Blueberry & Apple Creme Fraiche, 2 x Rhubarb & Ginger Creme Fraiche. 3 x Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel) presented in a clear box with red, heart ribbon. Each chocolate is decorated with a heart or flower print. (£5)


Photo of Emma Bridgewater Mama Bear and Mummy half pint mugs filled with belgian chocolates. Photo of boxes of 5 and 10 picasso chocolates. These are bright chocolates that have been hand splattered.

Photo of a little Jellycat pug holding a red heart. A single heart shaped, foil wrapped chocolate is held onto its back by ribbon. Photo of a chocolate heeled shoe filled with belgian chocolate truffles.

A belgian milk chocolate bear. A black box with gold ribbon and a label that says Belgian Chocolates.

A selection of 6 patterned belgian chocolates presented in a clear finger tube.

For details on our Easter chocolates (including Easter Eggs!) check back in a few weeks.


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