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I always get excited in July when the new catalogue from Wrendale Designs arrives. As ever they have introduced some new product ranges as well as adding new designs to existing ranges. Their new bookmarks are gorgeous and at only £2 each are a great token (and postable) gift, but the products I am most excited by are the new cosmetic bags.

There are 3 sizes each featuring Hannah Dale's beautiful illustrations. All of the bags have a sturdy base, zip fastening and co-ordinating striped interior. They have a wipe clean exterior, but unlike some bags which can feel rough these have a lovely smooth finish. The weight to the fabric is excellent and isn't going to break anytime soon, but is also flexible enough that if you need to squish it down in your suitcase you can.

The large cosmetic bags are 200mm x 80mm x 200mm and so are a great size for holding larger toiletries or your larger quantities of make-up! These bags feature smaller repeated images on a classic Wrendale pastel background. These bags are £20 each.

The small cosmetic bags are 200mm x 50mm x 130mm and are perfect for make-up on the go or smaller toiletries. I'm going to use one for keeping all of my charger cables together in may laptop bag. These bags have a single illustration (repeated on each side). The designs include a flamingo, bunny and dog and are £15 each.

The smallest bag is 230mm x 55mm x 70mm and could be used as a brush bag or pencil case. They are £10 each and each features 5 small illustrations on either side of the case.

Photo of a selection of Wrendale designs pouches and make-up bags They are in shades of grey, mint and pink with different illustrations by Hannah Dale on them.

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