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Candle sticks

Ever since we introduced the stunning Ester & Erik Dinner Candles I have been on the lookout for candle sticks that would do them justice. For simplicity we have the silver and bronze Ester & Erik stands which are barely there. However a year ago I came across 'Designed in Colour' and their candle sticks which are a fabulous shape and available in a rainbow of colours. It has taken almost a year for us to get them as they had troubles with the quality and being an excellent company they wouldn't settle, so now the quality is what want (which is excellent) and the candle sticks have arrived.

These candle sticks are turned wood painted in a British Colour Standard (BCS) Colour. They come in a BCS branded box. Two sizes are available 15cm (£13.75) and 25cm (£18).

The Bristish Colour Standard was developed in the 1930's by Robert Francis Wilson. Wilson was the founder of the British Colour Council. The dictionary defined colours by giving varying tones, intensities and hues a code. These codes allowed closer colour matching across companies and trades, including the specification for the colour of postboxes.

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