• Tabi

New socks

Powder is one of the most popular brands we stock and their new sock designs for Spring/Summer 2018 are sure to be a hit.

In addition to their new florals they have introduced some very cute character socks including a Pug eating an ice-lolly and the very on trend unicorn. The ice-cream sock is perfect for getting into the summery mood.

For this season Powder have also introduced a new length. Previously we had ankle and over-the-knee (long) with a new knee-length having now been added. This length will be especially helpful in the summer when you might not want to wear such a long sock. They also look great over tights when you are wanting a bit more colour in your outfit.

All of the socks from Powder are one-size and suitable for Ladies shoe size 4-9 and come with a free Powder gift bag. We wrap the socks in tissue and pop them into the bag making them the perfect gift as you only have to buy them!

The ankle socks are extra soft and made from bamboo (65% bamboo/15% cotton/10% nylon/10% elastane).

The knee-length and long socks are 80% cotton/10% nylon/10% elastane.