• Tabi

New 2018 Voyage Cushions

Voyage Maison has always been one of our top suppliers due to the quality of their products, with their cushions always found at the top of this list.

At the beginning of February is the biggest trade show of the year and I love getting to go on to Voyage's massive stand to see all the new products. We're starting off the year bringing in some of their new 'Country' style cushions.

Below is the Kelston Cinnamon Patchwork Cushion which we've paired with Tavistock Skylark.

The Kelston cushion is a printed linen front with felted trim between each of the pattern changes. This cushion beautifully combines a wide combination of colours including duck egg blue, a delicate lavender and a beautiful orangey-red. The beauty of this design and the combination of colours is that it will look at home in many different interiors and colour palettes. It can also be combined with many different cushions as shown in the photo below. Be pairing it with the Skylark colour way the blues and purples are really highlighted in the Kelston. If instead we had paired it with a red cushion the blues would have shrunk to the background and the reds and oranges would have come to life. In the shop we have also tried placing the Hedgerow Doorstop (Hedgerow is Voyage's most popular design) next to the Kelston and they complement each other well.

Further 'stats' on this and all cushions featured can be found at the bottom of the page.

Kelston Cinnamon Patchwork Cushion

Another new printed linen design is this Cardus Thistle Patchwork Ruby. A slightly bolder red that than the Kelston but with a bit of a purple highlight in all of the florals and the tartan. A sage green is the balancing colour in this design reflecting the importance of the thistle. The Cardus does not have piping around the edges but does have the felted trim between the patterns, this adds a bit of texture without detracting from the design. This cushion also goes well with the Hedgerow.

Cards Thistle Patchwork Ruby

The Circium Patchwork is is a very different colour way to the cushions above and with a much looser painting style. This design beautifully balances the muted palette of the thistles with the turquoise screen print effect (it's more vibrant that the photo would suggest). The blue has a number of birds in the design and upon closer inspection some thistles (people with a far more botanical eye than myself would be able to identify more of the flowers!). This cushions has so many shades of blue and green that it would fit into many existing interiors and the hit of purple in the thistles and tartan ensures it doesn't become dull and monochromatic. We've pictured it here with the Tavistock Skylark again.

Of course it wouldn't be Voyage without some animals and the new Bunnies cushion is incredibly sweet with four Hares (I think looking at the ears they are Hares not Rabbits?!) peeking out in a field. Paired again with the Tavistock Skylark (such a versatile cushion). The edging on this cushion is the classic loop in a blue-green colour way that complements the flowers.

Bunnies Cushion