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Easter Chocolates

Our Belgian Chocolates were so popular at Christmas that we have gone all out for Easter. We have tried to ensure we have something for everyone from kids to adults and to meet a variety of dietary needs. Below we show you 75% of our Easter offering.

Our Easter Eggs are beautifully decorated shells available in Dark, White and Milk Chocolate. You can choose a half shell or a whole egg. Each comes with 150g of Belgian chocolates (which you can choose from our cabinet) and a small Wrendale Designs Greeting Card.

For the whole egg you can write the card and we will then seal it inside the egg making it a nice surprise for the recipient when they crack it open.

Whole Egg: £15.50

Half Egg: £12.75

For Kids we have combined Jellycat cuddly toys with chocolate eggs - a winning combination!

The largest cuddly - the beige Yummy Bunny (its floppy ears are so fun to play with) sits on a terracotta pot with 200g of Belgian Chocolate mini eggs. Yummy Bunny is 15cm tall.

Fluffy Bunny and Fluffy Chick sit on smaller pots with 100g of Belgian Chocolate Eggs. These Fluffies are 11cm, so still a great size.

Yummy Bunny: £15.90

Fluffy Bunny: £10.25

Fluffy Chick: £10.25

For the not-so-chocaholic or any Emma Bridgewater lovers this could be the answer for a lovely Easter Gift. An Emma Bridgewater hand made and decorated Egg Cup with Real Egg Shell Chocolate Truffle. There are a few different designs of Egg Cup available.

For the truffle they take a tiny bit of the egg shell off the bottom, suction out the egg, sterilise the shell and then put Chocolate Truffle inside before sealing the shell again. To open you just pop the egg into the fridge for a few minutes and then crack open!


We don't want those with dietary needs to miss out over Easter and this Chocolate Orange Egg is dairy free, gluten free and soya free, making is also suitable for Vegans. The box makes it perfect for adults or children.

We don't have many of these so don't rest on your laurels before buying!


Diabetics also shouldn't miss out. These bags of foiled eggs are made with stevia and are assorted milk, white and dark praline filled. The chocolate is belgian.

An added bonus is these are also gluten free.

150g of eggs: £8

For a smaller token these Deluxe Belgian decorated mini eggs will make a fantastic gift. These boxes include three flavours: strawberry, pistachio and Tiramisu, making them a bit more unusual than your standard mini eggs! The marbling effect on these eggs really makes them stand out.

100g: £6.25

Some people aren't chocolate fans (I'm a Chocoholic so definitely not me!) but love marzipan. These little toasted marzipan bunnies are very sweet.

The marzipan is Niederegger, a family-run business whose secret recipe is handed down from one generation to the next.


Finally, we have our 3kg egg! This is definitely a showstopper standing at 35cm tall and decorated with sweets. We wouldn't suggest trying to eat it by yourself!


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