• Tabi

Original Artwork

Our pictures have been selling particularly well over the past 3 months, with me regularly having to quickly place new orders to fill the many gaps. As a result we have decided to be brave and to try adding some original artwork into the mix. We have found a great company based in Wiltshire who work with a selection of artists with a wide variety of artistic styles and mediums. In addition to the original art pieces they also produce some limited edition framed prints.

We now have in a selection of pieces from 3 artists.

Geoff Beckett creates colourful images of houses using resin and paint. The colours on these images are incredibly vivid and alive and the pictures are perfectly finished off with some metallic accents. I'm currently trying to work out where I could put one of these in my house as they are stunning.

Susan B Leigh paints a range of animals and has a style that is instantly recognisable as her own. Each animal is flanked by a few flowers, in many cases thistles due to the Scottish nature of the animal. Limited edition prints are available and we have these of the Ram and Pig currently available. We have originals of a stag, highland cow and two hares. They are currently hanging in Papilio coffee and really do brighten up the room. My favourite is the highland cow as I love its fringe!

Kaye Lake paints contemporary, floral artwork. Her pictures are highly textured and really do need to be seen to be appreciated. The texture creates petals in a unique way with alliums in particular lending themselves perfectly to her technique. Several of her pictures have a touch of added glitter offering them a bit of sparkle as the light hits them.

If you would like to see the other art we can now provide please visit this website www.creativefineart.co.uk. If you see a piece of art you are interested let us know and we can find out a price for you.