• Tabi

Junior Apprenticeship - Georgia's Pick

Georgia with Navy Bunny

As part of our Junior Apprenticeship (you can read more about that here) each of the children has had a Marketing session. One of their tasks was to choose their favourite product in Papilio home and tell you all about it.

Today is Georgia's turn

What is the product?

I've chosen a Jellycat rabbit called Huge Bashful Navy Bunny

Which brand is it?

The brand is Jellycat

Why did you choose it?

I chose Huge Bashful Navy Bunny because he is the biggest and the cutest

Who would like this product?

Children would like it most

How much does it cost?

£50, but there are smaller versions of this bunny available which are cheaper

Is it part of a range?

Bashful Bunny is a really popular range and is available in lots of colours and sizes including keychains. There is something for everybody.

Huge Bashful Navy Bunny