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Reopening safety procedures

As we are only a few days away from being able to reopen Papilio home (yippee!!) we thought we would share what we have put in place to help protect both you and our team and how you can help us in this.

I think the most important thing to say is that obviously made of these things feel like they go against our ethos! So please bear with us as we find our feet, if some things need to be adjusted then we will do that.

Upon entering:

  • When you enter you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser (it's on a stand right in front of you). This will be a requirement to shop with us for the foreseeable future.

  • Due to the nature of our shop and the products we sell it is impossible to stop customers touching stock! By ensuring everyone uses the hand sanitiser we can all rest assured that the risk from touching products is significantly reduced.

  • If you are wearing plastic gloves you will either need to remove them and use the hand sanitiser or thoroughly sanitise the gloves.

  • If you are wearing fabric gloves you will have to remove them and use the hand sanitiser.

  • If you have skin issues that mean you can only use certain sanitiser please bring that with a

  • As we are unable to move our Belgian chocolate cabinet we have instead moved furniture around to ensure that if someone is at the cabinet there is an alternative route in and out!​

Whilst in the shop:

  • Please remember the 2 metre rule and allow space between you and other customers.

  • Everyone is having to adjust and get used to this new way of shopping and being. Please be patient with other customers.

  • We have created some 'pass by spaces' by rearranging furniture

  • The police have been reminding people to not step into the road off the pavement when passing others as momentarily passing someone is highly unlikely to give you Covid-19. With this in mind these spaces allow you to step out of the way and let others pass.

  • You will see that we have rearranged our card spinners to allow more space and to ensure that customers looking at spinners and customers looking at the card wall have their backs to each other to help minimise risk, since the space isn't two metres wide.

  • If you have a child please be aware we have had to remove the BRIO play tables. This was not an easy decision, but they are very difficult to sanitise between children. We do have an idea for an alternative, but this won't be in place initially whilst we get the lay of the land.

  • As you hopefully know, chatting to you our lovely customers is part of our service and we still want to do that, but we may have to stop chatting earlier than in the past to allow easy flow around the shop and to allow other customers in if numbers are tight.

  • We are changing the way we sell our Belgian Chocolates.

  • This will now be done by a set price per chocolate (if you are having them in a cellophane bag) and the gold boxes will be a specific number of chocolates for a set price.

  • The reason for doing this is having spoken to other people that sell the chocolate they find working this way speeds up the chocolate buying process. Since boxing the chocolates does take time this allows us to at least speed it up as much as possible.

When paying:

  • We now have perspex screens to allow protection for both you and the team member as it is obviously difficult to remain 2 metres apart at this point!

  • Our back till (which we normally only use in the run up to Christmas) will be available all of the time. This will help us to minimises any queueing.

  • We will be requesting that you pay by card rather than cash, and contactless where possible.

  • If you use the pin pad we will be sanitising this in between customers.

  • If you are a loyalty card holder we will be looking you up rather than swiping your card.

  • Please bear with us as this does take a little bit longer.

  • If there is a queue we will print a spare receipt and pop your name on it. We can then add your points when it's quieter later in the day.

  • If you would prefer us to not put items into their gift bags and instead leave that to you please do say.

Behind the scenes:

  • The first thing that our team will do when entering the building is wash their hands.

  • The team will be re-washing their hands at a minimum, once an hour.

  • Our deliveries will be quarantined before going onto the shop floor.

  • Any customer returns will also be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before going onto the shop floor.

  • We have created a special area in our stock room that also keeps these returns separate from other products whilst in quarantine

  • We will be regularly cleaning 'touch points' (e.g. door handles and counters).

  • We have put in place other things behind the scenes, but as they affect the team rather than you I won't bore you with them!!

Other things to note:

  • Whilst Papilio coffee remains closed the customer toilets will not be open; we are sorry about this but it is not practical to oversee this part of the premises and clean the toilets whilst Coffee is closed.

  • You will see many shops advertising how many customers they can safely 'hold'. In Papilio home that is about 20 so we don't think it's going to be an issue. If we do have too many people we will temporarily close the door until some customers have left and then we will reopen it.

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