• Tabi

New Light Bites Menu

We are really excited to be launching our new light bites menu in Papilio coffee from Monday 12th October (which also means we are starting to open again on Mondays from this date - yippee!!).

The background to our thinking:

Lockdown gave us the opportunity to look at our business model, the food we offer and to start dreaming big again. Early on in lockdown people were getting in touch with me to say that the thing they were missing the most from Papilio coffee were the scones. This led me to start thinking about whether we could focus our food offering around things we are really good at - scones; what would a Scone Bar look like?!

I mentioned the idea to Gary and Trudie to get their thoughts and after thinking and researching about this for a few months a vision started to come together. It’s actually amazing what you can do on a scone base; finding a recipe that works brilliantly with soups was the final piece of the puzzle.

As it became clear that Covid wasn’t going anywhere with an inevitable impact on our takings and how we have to manage our staff teams, this idea more & more the right way to go to give us the best chance as a business.

So what are we launching?!

A new tight menu of light bites which comprises a selection of 4/5 open sandwiches on a savoury scone base, plus two soups a day served with a wedge of our new scone bread loaf.

The open sandwich scone is a different recipe to our current scones being less enriched, lightly herbed and designed to work with a range of toppings. We bake it in a wider and flatter format, a similar size to a bagel.

In our development of the menu we are focussing on flavours and textures. We will launch with four different fillings, including my favourite, the deconstructed coronation chicken sandwich - slices of chicken breast sat on mango chutney and topped with a dried fruit and curry coronation sauce

Once we get going, we will introduce a weekly guest filling. Already in the pipeline we have Stilton, walnut and pear, (incorporating a walnut butter spread, crumbled stilton and slices of fresh pear) and Garys favourite Bacon on Avocado topped with a dried tomato. Each sandwich will come with a crisp lettuce topping and a side dish of either Coleslaw or Carrot and Raisin salad. The latter is a bit special with orange soaked raisins, pine nuts and caraway seed.

We are relaunching some of our most popular soups but again, every week we will have a guest soup allowing us to trial some more adventurous ideas - watch out for Apple & Parsnip and the Black ChickPea & Chorizo in the coming weeks. Gary is working up a Miso & Tofu soup but I think that might be more of a Spring choice!

We are also reintroducing our popular Cream Tea, and alongside it a new Savoury Tea. Both options will be available for the whole day. Both come with a pot of tea and the Savoury Tea partners a scone with a wedge of mature cheddar, coleslaw and fig jam. The coming weeks will see further improvements in these as we introduce jams from our new jam supplier, Springfield Kitchens.

We will, of course, continue to have our always popular Plain, Raisin and Cheese Scones plus our weekly Guest Scone, alongside the usual cakes and biscuits.

What about those of us with dietary requirements?