Boozy Picasso 3

Boozy Picasso 3

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The Belgian Chocolate Picasso range from Visser has been our best selling ready boxed chocolate since we started selling chocolate 4 years ago. They are a piece of art, all 'hand-splattered' (wouldn't that be a great job) and the flavours are divine. 

These are chocolates to be enjoyed, not devoured!  This brand new boozy box of 3 Picasso Chocolates comes with a menu tag so the lucky person knows which chocolate is which. The selection will be from: Espresso Coffee Liqueur, Tennessee Whiskey, Cognac Jelly & Dark Cognac Ganache, Amaretto & Almond Ganache and Orange Liqueur & Thyme



Contains: Soya, Milk, Nuts (Almonds), Wheat, Gluten, Egg

May contain traces of other nuts.

Contains Colouring: E171, E172, E104, E133, E110, E132, E100, E555, E171, E127