Circular & Co 12oz Cream & Blue Travel Cup

Circular & Co 12oz Cream & Blue Travel Cup

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I cannot praise this travel coffee cup enough. It took years for me to find one I was happy to stock in the shop.

The top benefit? It really doesn't leak. Honestly I've tried to make it do so! So no more worrying about the dregs of your drink leaking into your bag once you've finished. It's also great to be able to carry it around when full without concern. My car doesn't have a cup holder (I know, ridiculous - who knew that you actually had to think about this as a specification in 2018!!), so it has to rest at quite an angle when it is full and it's not an issue.

The other key benefits are that is has 360 degree drinking due to the design of the lid, so no having to find the small drinking hole. It can easily be 'opened' with one hand to drink. It's also dishwasher safe and BPA free.

The most amazing thing is that this cup is made from used takeaway coffee cups which are notoriously hard to recycle. The cup is designed to be used for 10 years and then can be fully recycled in the household recycling. 

Which? Best Buy reviews said the following about the Circular & Co Cup (formerly called rCUP).

"this is our top option if you want an affordable and reliable reusable cup."

"it retains heat remarkably well and scored top marks in our spillage test thanks to a brilliantly effective push-to-lock mechanism."

The only downside is that although this is insulated it isn't designed to keep your drink hot all day like the stainless steel bottles, but instead for 60-90 minutes. It's perfect for taking with you when out and about to a coffee shop or when you leave home on a commute etc, or even at your desk if you are no longer allowed open mugs.

Our customers who have purchased this mug have been equally amazed.

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