Photo of a clear glass bottle that is 3/4 full of diffuser oil. Four beige flowers on reeds and a cotton wick tree in the jar like a mini bouquet. The bottle has a hand made paper label wrapped around it. Some of the embedded flowers seeds can be seen in the label. The Candle Brand logo can be seen on the top half of the label front. Below this is the words ‘Coconut and Peach. Soothe | Relieve | Revive’.

Coconut & Peach Flower Diffuser

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This Coconut and Peach Flower Diffuser from The Candle Brand is a fresh and floral fragrance that instantly transports you to a tropical beach.

Each flower in the floral bouquet is handmade from thin slices of sola wood. The beauty of these flowers is the reeds continue to gradually draw up the scent and diffuse through each petal. The cotton rope gives a quicker fragrance.  With normal reed diffusers you should regularly rotate the reeds to keep the fragrance going, but that is not necessary with this which is what keeps the fragrance more stable.

The Bloom collection comes with a paper label that is embedded with wildflower seeds. With an impressive germination rate of 85% there is a combination of flowers in there including annuals and perennials. A gift that keeps on giving.

110ml. Diffusion time is approx 1-3 months.

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