Cycle Of Good Lunch Bag

Cycle Of Good Lunch Bag

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A Lunch Bag that does good. This bag is made from recycled coffee sacks with the handles made from recycled bike inner tubes. 

The charity, Cycle of Good, that creates these bags trains the tailors in Malawi so that they can earn a decent living to support their families without handouts. The money which Cycle of Good makes pays for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi. So you really are helping transform peoples lives and helping save the planet, just by buying a lunch bag!

Coffee Sacks have to carry many kilograms of coffee beans meaning these bags can definitely handle whatever lunch you put into them!

Size: Height: 23cm, Length: 23cm, Width: 17cm.

Because of the nature of these bags the one you receive may have a different design to the one photographed due to a different part of the coffee sack being used!