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These egos Copenhagen sea blue slippers are 100% handmade from natural sheep wool. Wool is a fantastic material for slippers as it helps to regulate temperature, so no need to worry about feet feeling too hot or too cold. 

Egos Copenhagen are fair-trade certified by The World Fair Trade Organisation. They believe that one of the best ways they can help Nepal (which is one of the poorest countries in the world) is through the creation of good and sustainable jobs and your purchase of these slippers helps in that. You can rest assured that these slippers are 100% fair trade.

The dyes that are used to get the gorgeous sea blue colour are environmentally friendly. Once the felt has been made and moulded into the shoe shape, it dries naturally in the sun before another insole of felt is added, and finally the suede sole is sewn on.

I've been testing a pair of these slippers and love wearing them around the house at the weekend. The felt insoles start to mould to your feet, so they become even more comfortable the more you wear them (and they are comfortable to being with!).

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Caring for your slippers:

The slippers can be vacuumed to remove dust! They can then also be washed in wool soap either by hand or in the washing machine on the wool program at 30 degrees.

After the shoe is washed, pop the wet shoe onto your foot so that it takes the correct shape again. Then remove the shoe and leave to dry naturally.