Evergreen Small Solmate Socks

Evergreen Small Solmate Socks

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This pair of Evergreen socks is a combination of blues, greens and grey. If you don't want the more riotous combinations of colour, this is a great option to go for.

This Small size is suitable for sizes 4-6/6.5.

I love Solmate Socks. Not only are they really comfortable to wear, but they are good for the planet too. The remnants and production scraps from cotton t-shirts and other garments are made into yarn which is then made into these socks.

Every pair of Solmate Socks produced saves the following compared to manufacturing socks from scratch:  162 gallons of water, 1.12 pounds of CO2, 1.32 square feet of landfill. No additional dyes or colours are used is the making of the socks. This really is sustainable fashion.

Each pair is made from the same colour way and pattern, but are odd, adding to the whimsy and fun.


62% recycled cotton / 22% recycled polyester / 15% nylon / 1% lycra

Machine Washable.