Photo of the Roald Dahl George's marvellous Experiment Kit box. It includes an illustration from the book and shows that there are 15 experiments included. The tag line is 'Help George create 15 truly marvellous, safe experiments'. It also says that is suitable for ages 8 up.

George's Marvellous Experiment Kit

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This George's Marvellous Experiment Kit is a science kit based on Roald Dahl's brilliant book.

Using safe household ingredients children will discover how chocolate can make George grow, create bubbling, firecracker potions, make a chicken shrink, Grandma launch in the air like a rocket and loads more. There are 15 experiments in total.

Suitable for ages 8+.

    Contents: Saucepan play area, measuring equipment, test tube, George model mould, syringe and tubing, Grandma rocket and George lava lamp.

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