Pooley 2 Vase Pumpkin

Pooley 2 Vase Pumpkin

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The Pooley Vases always stop people in their tracks in the shop as they are so different. I love them because they look great even without flowers, no more needing to find cupboard space for empty vases!

The Pooley is particularly useful for those stems that you accidentally break off in the garden or for the last few flowers from a bouquet where the rest. Each tube is individually glazed and separated so you only need to put water in the tubes that you are using. They also look lovely with faux flowers and foliage.

This Pumpkin colour way is full of warm oranges, reds and corals. The beauty of having so many shades in the vase is it is really versatile to fit in with a whole range of interiors.

Flowers not included!!

Size: 7.25" long, 3" wide and 4.5" tall.