The Rotterdam T2 BILLYBELT

The Rotterdam T2 BILLYBELT

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The Rotterdam BILLYBELT is a brilliant mix of beige, cream, red and blues, it's a great design and adds more interest than a single-colour belt. This is the T2 size which is suitable for 41"-47" waists.  

I love BILLYBELT. Their belts are an elastic woven belt and the beauty of the way they've been made is that there are no holes, the buckle will fit through anywhere on the belt due to the way it has been weaved. It's the ultimate flexibility! My Dad, Brother and myself all wear them and we all have very different fashion tastes!

The quality is excellent with:

  • 3.2cm width
  • 100% calfskin leather finishes
  • Zinc alloy buckle
  • a BILLYBELT cotton bag

48% Polypropylene/52% Elastic