Webster Duck Plush Character

Webster Duck Plush Character

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This new range of plush characters from Wrendale Designs has been in the making for years and Hannah's attention to detail is evident in the choice of materials. Her illustrations have been brought to life! Each one comes in a small canvas bag which is printed with the illustration that inspired the character. Webster is inspired by the popular 'Waddle and a Quack' design. 

Each character has its own backstory. Webster is highly intelligent but distinctly lacking in common sense. Fluent in Squirrel, Rabbit and Sparrow, he can solve an algebra puzzle faster than anyone you know, but will just as easily forget where he left his nest and end up having to build a new one. There's even more of his back story on the tag.

Suitable for children 3+.

Polyester/Fibre Stuffing.

Size: 250mm x 230mm x 270mm.