Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads in Care Homes

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Five Gift Ideas for Dads in Care Homes

Knowing what to give an older man can be difficult at the best of times, but especially if they are living in a care home. We've therefore put our thinking caps on to come up with five Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads in Care Homes.


Image showing the 43x43cm Kendi Cushion by Louise Luton. The painting that has been reproduced on the cushion is a lion face ‘Kendi’. The image is made up of lots of vibrant colours including turquoise, pinks and purples. His nose is purple. Within the markings are some tribal shapes. Behind the cushion is an image showing part of the reverse which is a solid, rich plum purple colour. The cushion has matching plum piping.

A Colourful Cushion

We know our loved ones are being looked after in their care homes, but their individual rooms can be a bit bland. So why not treat your Dad to a cushion to use on their bed or armchair. It will add a bit of colour and personality to the room where options to do this are limited. 

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Photo of mercredy blue and orange slippers. They are a mule style with dark blue uppers. The insoles and soles are bright orange.


With most care home residents spending their time in between their room, the common areas and a garden, hard-soled slippers are perfect. They are comfortable, easy to put on, but hard wearing enough to be used outdoor as well as indoors.

Our Mercredy slippers are made from recycled plastic bottles which makes them hard wearing and difficult to stain. Both slip-on and shoe styles are available. Click here to see them.


Photo of the box of the Galison 500 piece puzzle; Out of this world. The puzzle image is a from a paper cut piece of artwork o the moon surface with other planets visible in a line in the sky.


Jigsaw puzzles can be done in short bursts and can remind your Father of places they have visited, artwork they have enjoyed, food they like to eat and more. If space is a bit limited then it might be worth considering Puzzle Sorting Trays too.

If your Dad has dementia or Alzheimer's then I recommend the Alzheimer's Society shop as it has much simpler puzzles of 16 and 100 pieces.

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Image of the Usborne Museum Snap Cards box. The image is a t-rex dinosaur skeleton on a plinth.


Snap card games are great for all ages; they are easy rules, can be played at whatever speed suits the players, are generally colourful. This is an activity that you or your children can play with your Dad on a visit, but that he could also play with other residents.




Photo of The New Orleans woven belt from Billybelt. It is a dark navy is turquoise, burgundy, yellow and orange flecks.

Easy to use Belt

If their dexterity is going then using things like belts can start to be tricky. These woven, elasticated belts are great as the prong can fit in anywhere, so no needing to carefully match it up with the right hole.

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A hexagonal cardboard box is open with chocolate bars and individual chocolates exploding out of it. It is possible to see inside some of the bars to see the rocky road elements.


Sweet Treats

For a bonus idea, there is of course always some sweet treats. Whether special chocolates or biscuits they are sure to be enjoyed.

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