Fiver Fest 2022

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Fiver Fest has come to Thornbury for the first time. This initiative runs from 12th - 26th March and has been created by Totally Locally, an organisation that like us truly believes in the power of local business to have a positive impact on its community.
Did you know that if every adult in Thornbury spent £5 a week in local independent businesses instead of online or at the big supermarket, it would equate to an extra £2.4 million per year going into the local economy.
Research by the New Economics Foundation showed that spending £10 with an independent shop means up to £50 goes back into the local economy due to he money circulating round and round. This is because we employ local people and also spend our money with local suppliers (e.g. our A-Board posters are printed by, our other signage is from Linela and lots of our ingredients and food from Bristol based businesses).
#fiverfest celebrates thiswith some fantastic £5 offers. So far there are 13 independent businesses getting involved and we will share some of their offers later.
At PAPILIO we have 5 offers for you.
In PAPILIO coffee we have:
  • a Cream Tea for £5
  • a Savoury Tea for £5 (cheese scone, cream cheese and sweet chilli jam/chutney)
In PAPILIO home you can buy:
  • two of our taper candles for £5
  • four Usborne mini activity books for £5 (normal retail price of £12)
  • a lucky dip pack of 4 cards for £5 (normal retail value of £9-£13). There are four types to choose from; Adult Birthday, Kids Birthday, Everyday and Humorous
This is a great opportunity to visit Independent Businesses that you may not have visited before to take advantage of some great offers and try new products.
Papilio Fiver Fest Offer: 2 for £5 Taper Candles Papilio Fiver Fest Offer: 4 for £4 Usborne Minis
Papilio Fiver Fest Offer: Lucky Dip Pack of 4 CardsPapilio Fiver Fest Offer: £5 Savoury TeaPapilio Fiver Fest Offer: £5 Cream Tea

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