Father's Day Gift Ideas for Foodie Dads

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Five Gift Ideas for Foodie Dads

Men are not always the easiest to buy for as many have a habit of saying 'nothing required'. Got a Father who enjoys cooking or trying new flavours when out at restaurants? We've come up with five gift ideas for this Father's Day.

Picture of the box of 10 Visser Picasso Chocolates. The box is black with mint green ribbon. 10 Domed Chocolates can be seen in the box. They are each a different bright colour and have a splattered effect on them.

Picasso Chocolates

These stunning Belgian Chocolates domes are hand decorated and each chocolate has multiple layers within it. The flavours are quite unique too, e.g. Tennessee Whisky, Apple Crumble (my favourite), Cranberry & Yoghurt and Hazelnut & Maple Syrup. These are chocolates that are enjoyed and savoured and are so nice that people do not tend to treat themselves to them, so are a lovely gift. The only problem is your Dad probably won't want to share!

Click here to go directly to our Picasso Chocolates.


Product photo of the Weaver Green Blue Maxime apron. It looks like a classic linen apron, but is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Stain Resistant Apron

If your Dad loves to be in the kitchen, our Maxime Aprons are a brilliant gift. They are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, but look and feel like linen. They are stain resistant and machine washable, making them a great gift choice for even the messiest of cooks. 

Click here to see which Maxim Aprons we currently have in stock.


Photo of a bowl of Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables cuddly toys. Peas, radish, carrot, broccoli, olives and squash can be seen.

Jellycat Vegetables

If you want a humorous gift for your Foodie Father, then our Jellycat Vegetables make a good option. They have been a particularly popular gift for men since they were launched a few years ago!

Click here to see which Vegetables are currently available.



Photo showing a silk sari wrapped Indian Spice Tin. Another tin is unwrapped and shows the spices that are contained. Two hands can be seen in one corner cradling a bowl of a delicious looking Indian Chickpea dish.

Spice Kitchen Spices

The Spice Kitchen Spice sets will inspire and elevate any cooking. Beatifully presented in tins wrapped in silk sari's. Within each larger tin is also smaller tins for keeping the spices and a little spoon for helping to measure them out. A leaflet containing recipe ideas is also included. There are a few different options including the World Spice & BBQ Rub tin, Indian Spices and for the brave a Chilli option. 

Click here to see the full selection of Spice Kitchen Spice Tins that we have in-store.


Lifestyle photo of two people sitting at a picnic bench eating out of two, 500ml Chilly's food pots. Only their hands and the food pots on the table can be seen.

Chilly's Food Pot

If you have a Foodie Dad who commutes or enjoys going on long walks, then the Chilly's Food Pot is a great option. Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches as they can take their more refined food on the go with them. The larger 600ml size keeps the food hot or cold for up to 6 hours. I use one regularly for my lunch and it does work really well and is super easy to clean.

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