Summer Fun is back!!

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Image of the Papilio Summer Fun in the Garden logo.

Summer Fun in the Garden

Our popular Summer events for kids and families is back and even more exciting is that this year it includes two BRIO days!!!  


Photo of the PAPILIO Summer Fun tent set up for the BRIO weeks. Lots of individual BRIO track circuits can be seen set up in the tent.

The BRIO day has always been the most popular. Due to COVID it has been the day we haven't been able run over the past few years, so we have taken the plunge and bought a load of BRIO ourselves which means we can do multiple events with it. (We also have plans afoot for other uses for the BRIO than Summer Fun, so keep your eyes peeled).

We will therefore be starting and finishing with BRIO and our more traditional themed craft activities will take place on the two middle weeks. The themes this year are Garden and Superheroes. Superheroes is one we have not done before and is proving fun to plan.


Perhaps the key thing to note is that the day has changed to Tuesdays. Thornbury Library this year are running some free activities for kids on Wednesdays that look good, so we thought we would move ours to enable you to take advantage of as many free activities as possible!

How does it work?

Photo of the PAPILIO Summer Fun tent set up for craft activities. Plastic mats are laid out with different craft activities and resources laid out on them. A set of tables and chairs can be see at the end of the tent.

If you haven't been before the event runs on 4 different days in August, from 10am to 3.30pm. We have toys out in the garden (with some exciting new ones this year) and then the tent of activities. The tent means that whatever the weather the event can take place.

I try to aim the craft activity sessions so that younger children can do them with you and older kids (7-11) can do them independently.



Phot of the Straw Rocket activity from the PAPILIO Summer Fun in the Garden craft activities.

We do not man the tent, so your children do remain your responsibility the entire time. There is glue and children's scissors in the tent as well as small craft items, so please be aware of that. Instructions are hung up on the wall for them to follow with examples.

For the BRIO week the tent is just filled with track and trains! 

Our top tip is that 10am - 11.30am is always the busiest, so if you want a quieter time try after that.

Food and Drink

We have always believed that the event should be free and not require booking. However, it does cost us a fair bit in terms of resources and planning time. We therefore ask that you buy food and drink from us and do not bring your own. This helps us to at least try and break even for the events so that we can run them each year.

For the duration of the Summer holidays we will have a couple of other kids lunch options along with the dipping plate that is always available. We will announce those nearer the time.

New Tent

This year everything will also be taking place in our garden. Previously we were able to put the tent next door, but that is no longer possible, so Gary and I have been out in the garden moving gazebos and coming up with a plan. The extra bits we need have been ordered and the carpet arrived today! 

This years schedule:

Tuesday 9th August: BRIO

Tuesday 16th August: Garden

Tuesday 23rd August: Superheroes

Tuesday 30th August: BRIO


Photo of the Papilio Summer Fun in the Garden Flyer. It lists the dates and themes and has a photo of some BRIO and an example of one of the previous craft activities (a hand print parrot).


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  • The fact that Tuesdays are now the day may be the most important change to make.
    This year, the Thornbury Library is offering some free children’s programmes on Wednesdays that sound great, so we decided to shift our own to allow you to participate in as many free programmes as possible.

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