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Posting gifts is something many of us have tried to do as little as possible, often preferring to hold off giving a gift for a week or two until we can see the recipient.  Unfortunately, with the world being what it currently is, we are having to increasingly resort to posting gifts due to being unable to travel or meet up with friends and family in the same way.

With proper packaging most things can be posted, but it can become costly to do so.  This is where our new range of Letterbox Gifts comes in.  I have done the hard work for you by carefully selecting products that will fit into a thin box and can be posted as Royal Mail Large Letter. This means the entire gift and box are less than 2.5cm high!!

I have focussed on creating gift sets that sell for less than £20 including postage as paying £5 or more on posting a gift that cost £15 or less can sometimes be a bit hard to swallow.  Our initial selection are all theme based, but I am working on creating some children’s options as well as letterbox presents for grandparents, couples, house moves and more.  If there’s a specific theme or recipient you would like to see do get in touch and let me know.

A wrapped letterbox gift in purple tissue and green raffia ready for posting.

The gifts are wrapped in our purple tissue with green raffia ribbon, it really is all done for you!

So without further ado let me introduce you to a few highlights from this online-only range.

Gin Enthusiast - £18 including delivery

I suspect this will end up being our top seller as I know a lot of people who are gin lovers (although gin addicts may be a better phrase!)

Gin Letterbox gift set comprised of a notebook with gin caption, a set of Gin & Elderflower drinks stirrers and a sign with sayings about Gin

We may not be able to sell gin itself online, however this set includes Gin & Elderflower drinks stirrers (which doe include London Gin in its ingredients).  These stirrers are fantastic. My top tip is to just leave it in your gin for a few minutes and you’ll see it start to colour the gin as it dissolves. The result is a G&T with elderflower infusion that doesn’t become sickly sweet. You can then eat the rest of the stirrer which tastes like a G&T stick of rock.

Also included in this letterbox gift is an A6 notebook from the fantastic Dandelion Stationery. Jo at Dandelion has a real way with words and when I saw this notebook I knew it had to be included. The wording on the front is: 'if only my to do list was a big list of all the different Gins there are to try…’.

The final gift in this selection is a wooden, postcard sized sign from Coulson Macleod. If you’ve ever bought one of our black and white Wise Words Prints from Coulson Macleod then you’ll love these new signs. They come with a bulldog clip that can be used to either hang the sign from a nail or it can also be used to stand the sign up, very versatile and will therefore fit into any decor. The words and sayings on this Gin Enthusiast sign are:

Don’t cry over spilt milk… it could have been gin. To gin or not to gin? Silly question.  Good friends offer advice, real friends offer gin. The definition of self control: someone who never drinks anything stronger than gin before breakfast. A good gin and tonic may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure. When life give you lemons, make a gin and tonic. If gin can’t fix it, you have a serious problem. The best kind of tonic has a large gin in it’.

A card is also included and is of course Gin themed. You just let us know what message to write in it when you check out.

Book Lover - £18 including postage

Readers Letterbox Gift Set comprising a Book Lovers Journal and Paddington, I Love Books Bookmark

The joy of reading has been rediscovered by many people during lockdown and this book themed gift set is perfect for any avid reader. The journal has a double page spread for each book with various prompts. I love that one of them is ‘How I discovered or acquired this book’. So often we can forget who it was that recommended a book to us. There is also a space to score each book out of 10 on aspects like quality of writing, pace, insightfulness and photos/illustrations. There are also pages for noting down books they’d like to read.

Of course no present for a book addict would be complete without a bookmark! This one featuring Paddington felt the perfect choice.
Included in this letterbox gift is a book themed card, this may change from time to time but the first card we are using is an illustration from Peter Pan.

Tea Lover - £18 including postage

The benefit of us having a coffee shop as well as Papilio home is we get to work with Teapigs, whose tea I have loved for years.

Tea Drinker Letterbox Gift Set comprising of a range of individually wrapped teabags, a humorous coaster and a wooden sign with lots of quotes about tea on it.This box includes 10 individually packaged tea bags. I didn’t want to just include everyday brew as I know as a tea addict myself my cupboard is full of different teas for my varying moods. I have therefore included three types of Teapigs wellbeing teas; Up Beet, Calm and Happy. They each use ingredients that help promote wellbeing and the right mood. My favourite is Up Beet, it definitely helps boost my energy levels having drunk it.


A tea gift set also didn’t feel right without a coaster. As we all enjoy a pun the coaster with ‘is it tea you’re looking for?’ is sure to put a smile on the recipients face.

This selection also includes another of the Coulson Macleod wooden signs. The wording on this design is:  

'There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you. THere’s always time for a cup of tea. Do not accept badly made cups of tea - do not surround yourself with people that make them - they don’t care about you. Tea - a hug in a cup. A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.’

The card included with this selection is a new design from Dandelion Stationery which features a line drawing of lots of teapots and tea cups with the wording ‘there’s always time for tea’.

Wrendale Designs - £34 including postage

I know that you our customers, love Wrendale Designs animal paintings and products, so it was a must to create some Wrendale Designs Letterbox Gifts. There are three different selections, one comprises their gorgeous Country Set stationery and costs £18 and two which include their gorgeous scarves and are therefore £34.

Wrendale Designs Bird themed letterbox gift comprising a robin scarf, owl bookmark, robin notebook and a little tin with a row of birds on it.

This bird themed gift includes a robin scarf (which features three different robin illustrations dotted around the scarf), a small robin notebook, an owl bookmark which features the incredibly popular image of two owls cuddling up to each other and the caption ‘birds of a feather’ and a little tin which is great for storing mints, buttons, batteries, basically anything little! As ever with tinware from Wrendale it is excellent quality and fully printed on the inside as well as the outside. 
Since this is a present we’ve included one of Hannah’s mini cards; again let us know the message at checkout and we will write it for you.

To check out our full range of letterbox gifts click here. Other gift sets include Style King and Style Queen, Rugby Lover, Cyclist and Music Lover.

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