Wrendale Designs Calendars 2019

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Every year Wrendale Designs Calendars and Diaries prove extremely popular, with the company themselves running out of Diaries in October last year (despite them printing huge amounts more than the previous year)! The quality of their products remains as high as ever.

The 2019 range is now in the shop now with a few additions to the usual products:

Photo of an open double page spread of the Wrendale Designs 2019 flexi diary. One of Wrendale's pens is sitting on top of the diary.


A new Flexi-Diary has been launched. This size is in-between the Desk Diary and Slim Diary at 181mm x 130mm. With two days per page and nice clean layout this is the perfect diary for on the go, when you need something bigger than the slim diary. There are also some 'My Notes and Sketches' plain pages in the diary.

Each page features one of Hannah's illustrations. These diaries are £8 each


Photo of the 2019 Zoology slim calendar from Wrendale Designs.

Zoology Slim Calendar

The Zoology range of products are increasingly popular, and to reflect that a new Zoology Slim Calendar has been added to the collection.
These calendars are 147mm x 420mm with a month to view on each page.
I love the vibrancy of this calendar and it is sure to brighten up any notice board.
These calendars are £6 each.



As well as these new additions all of the previous style calendars and diaries have been updated with new illustrations.


Photo of the 2019 country set landscape calendar from Wrendale Designs.

Country Set Landscape Calendar

This calendar is always the most popular and opens up to A3 when displayed. The top part of the page features a large illustration as well as a 'Don't Forget' box and a 'Notes' section, the bottom part of the page is a month to view.
Each month is illustration with some of their best-selling artwork (I love the mouse sitting on a bauble for December!).
These calendars are £9 each.


Photo of the 2019 Wrendale Designs Family Organiser calendar

Family Organiser

The Wrendale Family Organiser is perfect for keeping track of all family events, measuring 297mm x 420mm. Each page is a month to view with four columns and a space for the family members name at the top of each. Each month features a beautiful illustration and a 'Don't Forget' box. The calf licking its mouth in September (photographed) is one of my favourite illustrations.

This calendar costs £10.

Photo of the 2019 Country Set slim calendar from Wrendale Designs

Slim Calendars

If Zoology isn't your style there are two more Slim Calendars to choose from; The Country Set and A Dog's Life.





Photo of the 2019 Wrendale Designs slim diary opened up to a double page spread. A Wrendale pen is sitting on top of the diary.

Slim Diary

The Slim Diary is the original Diary size at 166mm x 83mm. The perfect size for any handbag. It is illustrated throughout with some of their most popular designs. There is a week to view across the two pages with a small 'notes' section also on each week.
These diaries are £6 each.




Photo of the 2019 Wrendale Designs desk diary open on a double page spread. A Wrendale pen is sitting on top.

Desk Diary

The Desk Diary was introduced in 2016 and has proven extremely popular. A hardback diary with a page per day (except weekends where Saturday and Sunday share a page). This diary is a delight to write in. Each page has a 'don't forget' box and a space for birthdays and anniversaries in addition to a different illustration on every page (that's a lot of illustrations in this one diary!). There are also some blank 'my note & sketches' pages.


This diary is £12.

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