Your home: Creating a cohesive scheme throughout your home with the red thread

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Each month we are going to be sharing one blog post that is designed to help you create a home that makes your heart sing and is somewhere you want to spend time. Today we are talking about The Red Thread.


A photo of an entryway with statement wallpaper. The bench, rug, cushion and plants all co-ordinate with the wallpaper. The colours are teals, purples and greens.

The key to creating a scheme that makes your home feel like a whole, rather than lots of independent rooms is to know your red thread.

The Red Thread is a Swedish saying that means 'something that follows a theme'.

In your home this is the thing that links your rooms. It could be a furniture style, a type of fabric, a colour palette, a certain finish, an art style or a combination of a few of things. There are so many possibilities for what your red thread is, it’s what makes you happy.



Why does knowing your red thread help?

It helps ensure your home is cohesive no matter how long it takes to build it up and complete your home. Whether it’s years as you save, or as you wait for children to grow up, knowing your red thread allows you to buy items safe in the knowledge they will still work as you complete your designs and adapt to a changing life.

Another benefit of your red thread is that you can easily change things up without making a room feel like it no longer fits in your home. You can move ornaments and art etc between rooms, freshening them up without costing you anything. Or you can just buy one or two new items (e.g. cushions) that won’t then require a total redecoration!


How do I discover my red thread?

The first thing to do is to look around your home and you may discover it's partly already there.

- Is there a colour that pops up frequently?

- Is there a texture you are drawn to (natural materials, velvets, concrete).

- Is there a lot of geometric pattern in your home, or floral?

- Are the patterns small or bold?

- Are you drawn to dark word furniture or metal? Vintage or new?

If you don't have anything, then it's a chance to really look at what makes your heart sing and go from there.


My home

As an example my home is inspired by a lampshade and a piece of fabric which I then had incorporated into a chair (photo below). This colour palette can then be found throughout my house, but with each room using a different dominant colours. This allows each room to have its own identity whilst still flowing. This was a very deliberate red thread from the outset.

Two images. The first photo is of an armchair next to two side tables. One side table has a lamp with a shade with abstract horizontal strokes in purples, blues and green. The chair has one fabric on the seat and a patterned, multicolour fabric on the sides. A photo of a bathroom. Three black and white, handmade pictures of a whale and dolphins are on the light grey upper wall. A towel rail below them has a large grey towel and a smaller aubergine one. On the left of the photo is a tiered plant stand with 3 purple and black calathea plants. Just in shot between the plants and towel rail is a white stool. The lower part of the wall is dark grey tiles.
My second red thread is that every room includes at least one piece of artwork made by me. This was an accidental red thread, which I only realised half way through designing my rooms. It is now something I will ensure is also in the final rooms I decorate.


Do you know what your red thread is? If so drop it in the comments below as I'd love to hear from you.

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A photo of a dining table with purple floral, Emma Bridgewater vase filled with fresh co-ordinating flowers. The table is set with a tea pot, tea cups and chocolate cake. Three canvases are on the wall. These have black and white wild flower scenes on them, each canvas has one flower embellished and made 3D in purple or green using felt, wool and 3D plastic.

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