Ashleigh & Burwood Spring/Summer Fragrances

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Our new lamp fragrances for the Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps have now arrived. I love Spring/Summer fragrances as they are so fresh. The two new fragrances for this year are: Mango & Nectarine and Summer Rain.

Summer Rain

Summer Rain comes under the 'Fresh & Natural' category with the Top Note being White Flowers, Middle Note being Fresh Grass and Musk completes the scent as the Base Note. This is a lovely addition to the collection.

Mango & Nectarine

Manto & Nectarine unsurprisingly is part of the 'Fruity & Exotic' category. This is my favourite of the new scents as I'm always partial to the fruity scents. This is a truly tropical fragrance with the Top Note of Mango, Middle Note of Nectarine and Base Note of Guava.

Citronella & Rosemary

Citronella & Rosemary is a fragrance that we've brought in for the first time but it is an existing fragrance. The fruity smell of citronella contrasts with the base note of rosemary which adds an interesting twist to the traditional citronella scent. I'm looking forward to trying this outside whilst eating and seeing if it gets rid of the wasps as I much prefer this fragrance to the traditional citronella.

Photo showing a pyramid of all of the different bottles that contain the new spring summer fragrances from Ashleigh & Burwood.

If you haven't come across Fragrance Lamps Ashleigh & Burwood have created a video that explains them. All of the staff at PAPILIO at Heritage have one (or more!) as they not only fragrance your room but get rid of the bad smells too (it's all to do with ions) rather than just masking them.

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